BBC Pundit Butcher Continues Ax Grinding
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Friday, May 25, 2007

BBC Pundit Butcher Continues Ax Grinding

Terry Butcher doesn't like David Beckham. It's that simple.

No matter Beckham's form at Real Madrid, Butcher won't acquiesce. And if Becks' form gets too good, the "other" former England captain, the less famous one, well, he will simply alter the facts.

In Butcher's most recent column, he stated of Becks and Real Madrid "the fact that they are top while he is playing is co-incidental [sic]."

In all fairness, Butcher probably doesn't even watch Real Madrid, but if he did, he would surely be grinding his teeth as the Bernabeu faithful chant Beckham's name as they have recently.

Real boss Fabio Capello, who seemingly hated Beckham a few months ago, states Becks is in the "best form of his life."

And Spanish-based journalist Graham Hunter says "he has dominated almost every Real Madrid game he has played in since February, with absolutely marvelous performances, particularly in top games..."

And now, on the verge of the unthinkable, missing Euro 08, Butcher thinks mighty mighty England don't need an in-form midfielder, who plays on perhaps the best team in Spain, in possibly the best league in the world.

Terry Butcher is jealous of David Beckham. It's as simple as that.

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