Henry Looks to Barcelona for Final Trophy
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Henry Looks to Barcelona for Final Trophy

Barcelona_Unicef_Jerseys.jpgHaving won two EPL titles and three FA Cups, a Champions League crown was all that was missing from Thierry Henry's Arsenal.

But now, as the France international makes a move to Barcelona, one can't help but sense a bit of irony in the whole proceedings.

The Gunners were within 14 minutes from hoisting Europe's most prestigious club trophy in 2006, but two late goals sent the trophy to his new club.

Interestingly, it was Henry who unable to finish, and on numerous occasions the France international could have put the match out of reach.

Barcelona were very fortunate to pick up the trophy that night in Paris, and one moment of brilliance from Henry and it could have been England's 4th place Gunners that were immortalized.

Henry might have done well to have remembered that along with his own side, 5th place Liverpool were champions in 2005 and this year's 3rd place Reds were close again.

And Barcelona are by no means assured another title in the next few years. The Catalan side went out of this year's Champions League in the first knockout round and collapsed in La Liga to finish 2nd.

Now having said that, Henry is obviously a great player. And if he is healthy, Barcelona will surely be threatening to win everything next season.

And maybe it's not just about that, and perhaps Henry views the Gunners as going in the wrong direction.

Seeing the progress of Manchester United and Liverpool, as well as the constant threat of Chelsea, it would be hard to argue that Arsenal have a tough road ahead of them.

And as he turns 30 in August, Henry's time for Champions League glory is definitely starting to run out.

But still, it's hard not to think that had Henry tucked that second-half breakaway under Victor Valdes, that Arsenal's all-time leading scorer wouldn't need to go looking for that last elusive trophy in Barcelona.


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