Copa America 2007 Qualifying Scenarios 04.07.07
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Copa America 2007 Qualifying Scenarios 04.07.07

Copa_America_2007_T_Shirt_Nike.jpgScenarios for qualifying for the Quarterfinals of Copa America 2007 prior to Group B matches 04.07.07

Mexico are through to the Quarterfinals and now, there is only one third-place spot left.

Points for Chile and Brazil would put them both through and wrap up qualifying for the next round.

However, a loss for Chile would mean they'd need help.

A loss by Brazil would complicate matters as well, while Ecuador must win by two goals or win by one and have help from Mexico.

This scenario for Ecuador assumes U.S. v Colombia doesn't result in a five goal U.S. win, or a seven goal Colombia victory.

The United States' most realistic hope lies in a Brazil win and a big Mexico win over Chile, coupled with their own big win.

Colombia could use the same scenario as the U.S., but would like that big Mexico win to be very big.

An exciting finish to the Group stages of Copa America 2007.

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