Fabio Capello - Real Madrid Manager Blames Beckham
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fabio Capello - Real Madrid Manager Blames Beckham

real-madrid-soccer-ball.jpgFabio Capello is starting to show signs of a coach on his way out, as his new-look Real Madrid loses 1-0 to 18th place Levante.

The beleaguered manager took a swipe at David Beckham after the historic loss in which the former England captain was not included.

Capello seemingly blamed Beckham entirely for Real Madrid's lack of silverware over the last three seasons, stating, "In his three years the results haven't been so good. Now we're looking for a new direction."

Unfortunately for Capello and Real Madrid supporters, that "direction" appears to be more directly downward.

Capello's Real Madrid have scored only 28 goals in 21 matches, slipped to 4th place, crashed out of the Copa del Rey, and now have the distinction of being the only Real Madrid squad in history to have lost to Levante.

The former Juventus boss is also starting to string together a sizable list of embarrassing comments, many of which have been directed at Beckham.

Just last month, when Beckham signed for MLS' LA Galaxy, Capello reacted petulantly, saying Beckham could train, but he would not be allowed to play for Real Madrid again, the football equivalent of "no more reindeer games."

To Capello's credit, he did appear to get one thing right today when he stated, "As coach it will always be my fault."

Of course, something may have been lost in the translation.

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