Serie A Violence Halts All Football In Italy
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Serie A Violence Halts All Football In Italy

italy-soccer-ball.gifViolence at Friday's Serie A match between Catania and Palermo has caused the Italian Football Federation to suspend all matches indefinitely, including Wednesday's friendly between the national teams of Italy and Romania.

A police officer was killed in rioting outside Catania's Stadio Massimino.

Violence was a concern before the match and tear-gas stopped play for 30 minutes during the second half.

More rioting occurred following the game which Palermo won controversially 2-1.

Officials had earlier threatened to halt all football in the country following violence last weekend.

On Saturday, an official of amateur club Sammartinese died after being punched while attempting to separate brawling players and fans.

No less than three other Italian football matches reported some kind of violence last weekend.

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